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1st May 2015


Dear All,

Well, I'm still here LOL! Steve and I celebrated Christmas with family, a quiet affair and suddenly into 2015. The year had a steady start, gearing the charity events up for the year. There is an Art Exhibition, a dinner dance, a Christmas Fayre and March 2016 another fabulous Ball. The charity is into its 9th year. We have helped 500+ families and with your help and raised over £500k. A fantastic achievement for 9 years and with the great help from all you guys out there.

I continue with treatment for the rest of my life, I'm really happy to be here. Some days good, some bad but that's the same for everyone.   Just getting over a virus, which has knocked me sideways. Tried to sleep it off, think I'm coming out of it now.     Some of my lovely friends celebrate their big birthday, I promised I'd stick around to see it...I kept my promise.

It's Nicki's 25th this year and 10 years since she passed (I'm always in bits this time of year). Cannot believe it has been 10 years since I've seen her beautiful smile, looked into her big brown eyes and heard the sound of her voice, although if I close my eyes I can visualise her in front of me. I always remember specific aspects, her long thin fingers, her face when she was cross or the sparkle in her eyes when she was laughing with her friends and when she told us she loved us. Such memories are locked in my heart and will be forever.


A bit of a challenge to all....Calling all Fundraisers,

Let's see if we can raise some funds for her birthday. The charity would like to buy another caravan as the one we have is used throughout the year and more if we could. You choose your method of Fundraising so long as it's safe. A sponsored bike ride, a run, coffee mornings are some methods people have used before. Requests pour in every week, so far we have never turned down a genuine request and I hope we will always be able to help.  The best Fundraisers could win a short break at Centre Parks outside school holidays, a pamper day at a Spa, Cuddly toy, or a couple of tickets to the Ball. What a fantastic birthday present for Nicola to know that all of us continue to help children who are going through the difficulties of dealing with Cancer.   Full details on our social media or events page on our website.

Claire a friend of Nicola's from Merton a House has kicked it off by doing a number of sponsored runs, see her Just Giving Page.

Come on everyone, let's pull together.

Love to you all

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