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Hi Debbie, Thank you to you both for an amazing holiday in Centre Parcs.  It was the first tme we got to truly relax after 13 months of the worst time of our lives.  We got the chance to reconnect as a family and it helped us r4ealisse how much healing we still have as a family.  
More than we realised, all the swimming and relazing really helped us find some calm but it took a few days to get there.  Seren fell in love with swimming again and we enjoyed watching them have fun with Owls, climbing, ballet and boating on the lake.
Thank you so much, I can't begin to explain how much this holiday has meant to us
Many, many thanks,



On 20th August 2015, at just 16 months old, my son, Jack Osian Davidson was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Luekaemia. He had been unwell for weeks before his diagnosis, but the doctors had repeatedly put it down to various infections. His health just got worse and worse, until there was no doubt there was something more serious going on. I think the moment the doctors in the hospital saw him they had there suspisions as to what was wrong. He was given a blood transfusion that night and the difference that made to him was imediately apparent. That first night was terrible. Me and my wife took it in turns to sleep. The following morning he was transfered to Alder Hey Children's Hospital.
The following couple of weeks were difficult, but Jack initially responded well to his treatment. He was able to come home. We had to make many changes in how we lived, but it was worth it. Unfotunately, this did not last long. He suffered from numerous complications. He went back to Alder Hey where he was given additional treatment as well as his chemotherapy. With two other children to care for we could not both spend all our time with him. My wife stayed with him in the week and I stayed with him at the weekends. This situation was not ideal and was just as difficult for our other two children who could only see their little brother when me and my wife were changing over. Jack was never left alone and I have a great deal of respect for my wife for being able to spend day in and day out in the hospital for those long months. 
Again Jack improved and went into remission. He was able to come home. He had an infection which he needed treatment for every day. This meant daily trips to our local hospital which wasn't ideal, but at least he was home. Again this didn't last. Jack relapsed and had to go back to Alder Hey. This was the second time he had relapsed, but we still had hope and didn't let ourselves dwell on the worst case scenario too much. The doctors were worried and decided Jack needed a bone marrow transplant. 
Jack seemed to improve within himself and started to continue his development, which had seemed to be on hold for such a long time. He started learnig more words and got a little more playful. He was set a date for his transplant. He would have it in Manchester Children's Hospital on 14th March 2016. Again his health took a turn for the worse. Some additional tests were performed and it was found his disease had spread to his brain. The only way to treat this would have been to give him radio therapy directly to the brain. Because of his young age, this treatment was not recomended. It would cause severe, permenant brain damage. This is something my wife and I had discussed previously and we did not want him to live the rest of his life in this way. Preperations were immediately started to get Jack home.
Jack came home not long after. He had completly lost his vision and his mobility was limited, but it was wonderful to have hime home. We were all together again for the first time in months. His two sisters loved having him home and coped extremely well with the knowledge Jack would not be with us much longer. The difference in Jack was noticable. He had lots of visitors and loved all the attention. 
On 14th March (the day Jack would have had is transplant) Jack gentley passed away in his mother's arms. This was the most terrible day of my life and one which will stay with me forever. Under the circumstances, this was the best way he could have gone. I am glad it happened at home while he was surrounded by his family. This was a terrible time for all of us and has caused a grief which I know will never leave me, but I fight every day to focus on the good times we had, even those which were spent in hospital.
Not long after we were given a holiday to Center Parks. As much as a difficult time as this was, we were able to enjoy ourselves and the children managed a small amount of healing. We were given two other holidays that year in Porthmadog. We managed to make some happy memories during this difficult time and for that I will be forever grateful to Nicola's Fund.

DEC 2016

Dear Everyone who helped organise the Christmas party last Sunday (4th)  I wanted to send you a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing party.  Too see my daughter laughing and happy following a traumatic 8 months was simply wonderful.
THANK YOU for making her feel extra special

The SMITH family xx

OCT 2016

Hi Debbie and Steve,
Just wanted to drop you both a quick note before the weekend is over......
What can we say but "thank You" doesn't seem enough!  We had a lovely week with some truly priceless moments, we have literally done more together in 5 days as a family than we have done in a long time and most inportantly we have seen layla-Mae participate in activities and get to do things we never though she would.

I want you both to know the impact that you have had on Layla-Mae ... not onlywas there the excitement of the holiday in the lodge in the forest but to have the extra money to book activities and eat was incredibly generous and enabled us to do what we simply couldnt have.  Just to gife you an idea we use the feeling thermometer with Layla-Mae on a daily basis in order for her to communicate her feelings and make decisions.  This scale from 1-10.  One is a bad number with low feelings connected, ten obviously the best.  There are few things in Layla-Mae's life that she gives a ten.  Each day we drew a picture board of what we we're doing and then Layla-Mae would put a number to it after.  We had a 5000 and a 7000!!!! Priceless to us and to her and with the most heatfelt thanks to you both.  We can only imagine what you have had to endure over the years and still do everydaay bit if it helps in any way at all please know that you have made a diffrerence to us.
It's definitely nice to pack a case for a lodge rather than a hospital!
With much love and thanks

Clare, Gareth, Seren and Layla-Mae xxxxx

 AUG 2016
We would like to say a hugh thank you for letting us stay in the Caravan in Wales.  We all had an incredible time and created lots of happy memories.  The site was amazing and all the girls easpecially enjoyed the kids disco on the evening  It was a nice break away from all the hospital appointments and to spend more time together as a family.
Once again thank you so much for a wonderful holiday full of happy memories we will never forget the time we had together thanks to your wonderful charity and your beautiful daughter Nicola. Lots of love Charlotte, Kieran, Enys and Sophie xxxx

MAY 2016

Apologies or the delay in writing to thank you, we just wanted to say we had a wonderful time in Wales at Nicola's Fund Caravan.  The site is just perfect for the children; we went swimming, played in the arcade and watched the entertainment at night. 
We visited Caernarfon Castle, Anglesey, Snowdonia, Beddgelert and walked into Portmadog.
We had the chance to do lots of activities which Oliver was unable to join in with during his chemotherapy, we created lots of new memories and enjoyed lots of family time.
Thank you so muchfor giving us the opportunity to do this
Lisa & Phil Lloyd

DEC 2015

To Debbie and Steve,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the christmas party last week, we all had a lovely time and lots of fun. Thank you also for the gifts from Father Christmas, the boys have been having fun with them. Thanks for your hard work, we have appreciated you all you do, as a family this year and you have given us some happy memories for 2015. Have a lovely Christmas and all the best for the new year.

With kind regards

Tim, Barbara, Luke, Josh and Joel Williams x


Hi Steve
getting in touch to say thank you for providing all us Doran's with a lovely, lovely 
much needed holiday at Centerparcs. The place was gorgeous the lodge was fantastic. Xavier and his little sister particularly loved the pool and we all spent many hours there together.  Xavier and his big sister cycled and spent hours going down all the slides and flumes. Xavier gained so much physical confidence and slept so much better each night and thankfully remained well all week.  I have attached some photos. 
Again thank you. You gave us all something to look forwards to and an opportunity to have a family holiday all together for the first time since Xavier's diagnosis. 

Anna, Dominic, Alice, Xavier and Florence Doran

June 2015
Dear Debbie
It's been a bit hectic since we have been back.  We would like to say a huge thank you for our recent trip to Centre Parcs.  This was our first visit and we had an amazing time.  It was nice to have some time to ourselves, peace and quiet but again plenty to do, the weather was lovely.  the girls absolutley loved cycling everywhere, we've even gone out to buy some bike seats so that we can all cycle together!
Thank you so much again
Caryl, Trystan, Marie and Elsi Lewis

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June 2015
Dear Debbie and Steve,

we can not thank you enough for all your kindness and generosity to provide us with an amazing break.  It was the best holiday ever, lots of happy, fun memories created.  Centre Parcs was amazing, its on our to do AGAIN list!!
Biggest thank you and our best wishes 
Rebbeca and the "Kelly" family xxxxxxx

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Dear all at Nicola's Fund,
We wanted to say a massive thank you for our holiday to Centre Parcs last week, in Whinfell Forrest. We all had an incredible time. It was actually our first ever family holiday, made even more special as Poppy was so well and happy. 
The kindness of your charity astounds me. 
I have tears in my eyes writing this. There aren't enough words or ways to thank you all enough. 
I had no idea how much we all needed a break till we set off and began to relax for the first time in such a long time.... Poppy loved the swimming, bike rides and being out and about in the fresh air. It did us all the world of good. 
Thank you all for your kindness. We will never forget this time we were able to have thanks to your charity. 
Love katie, Kevin, Oscar and Poppy 

Dear Debbie & Steve

The Cheque was completely unexpected and we wwere absolutley thrilled.  We were a little aprehensive about being able to afford all the activities but now we are assured thanks to your kind generosity.  
Ruby is in hospital at the moment with fevers, neutropenia and a vicious lung infection -  we are hoping she will soon be home & packing for Centre Parcs.  The Nicola's Fund leaflet was very moving and i found myself contemplating the strength of people after such a tradgedy, you are truly strong and I am in awe of your achievements and the legacy you have set in Nicola's name.
Thank you so much from the very bottom of our hearts we will be sure to send photos.
Linda, Ludo, Ruby and big brother Shauncheeky


APRIL 2015

Dear Mr & Mrs Riley,  My wife and I and the family would like to say a big thank you for a very nice and wonderful holiday at Centre Parcs in Penrith.  From the day we arrived to the day we went home, we all had a brilliant time there, the staff made us welcome and very pleasant and i would very much like to say a big thank you to the security team and medical staff for their very promt action when my granson fell and hurt his face, and one was sick their swift action is to be recommended for their kindest response and the quality of care they gave to them.  As a family we would like to say that this holiday at Centre Parcs was a first experience and we would like to say thank you for that. Once again many thanks for a wonderful memorable holiday.

Mr Stephen Jones and Family




To all at Nicola's Fund, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our Xmas trip to Centre Parcs.  Edward and his brother and sister had so much fun it really made up for last Xmas which was when Edward was diagnosed with his brain and spinal tumours and had to start chemo 12 days before Xmas day.  Edward was so happy he enjoyed a pony ride, he saw some reindeer and even had breakfast with Santa on Xmas eve and he even got to play in the snow on boxing day which made it so much more special for him.  I will forever remember this xmas its a wonderful thing you did for us. I will never be able to thank you enough for making this Christmas so special for us x"

 JONES FAMILY 13 July 2014

My family and i would like very much to say a big thank you for the fantastic holiday that you gave us.  It was very nice, we all had a wonderful time in Centre Parcs, Penrith.  We will also be sending a donation to the trust fund to say thank you so very much.

Bobby Alcock  30th May 2014
We are back fron Centre parks and had a fab time thank you soooo muc, we ate out a few times went to the pancake house, Bobby did the minijet ski and loved it and went climbing.  Hope did teach me to balance bike and we hired bikes and a cabana by the pool, it was brilliant.  We asked the kids on the way home which was the best bit, they said all of it, what a lovely time we have hadand thanks ever so much, really kind and a lovely family holiday we will never forget.  Bobby is back at hospital on monday and havent even thought about it one as we have been so busy.  Thanks again    Alcock Family xxxxxxx


We had a really wonderful time at Center Parcs last week. I’ve attached some photos which I hope show what an adventure we had. It has been a long time since we had a family holiday. During the week many special memories were made which we’ll cherish.

Thank you so very much. This trip has meant a lot to us. We are very grateful.

  from claire Crumbleholme 14/04/14


The money was raised by the family of Owain Williams . This fantastic amount was raised by sponsored walks and in total £1000.00 donated to Nicola's Fund.
We at Nicola's Fund would like to say a big thank you to this family.


We like to say a massive thank you for our family holiday to centre parcs on the 27th May 2011, we had the best holiday we have ever had as a family. Alfie has never been so happy, the whole time he had a smile on his face! We've made some amazing memories that we will all cherish and we are so grateful for all your kind help it means so much to us!
Alfie loved being carted along the back of the mountain bikes in his own trailer, he absolutely loved the swimming pool, we spent hours in there, we had studio time with a photographer of family photos well cherish forever, he loved the Childrens disco and play area and we took him bowling for the first time, normal family things we never seem to get chance to do!

Kind regards   Rachael Jones

A big thank you for a wonderful holiday at Center parcs, you thought of everything the lodge was fantastic and a welcome pack with lots of bits and bobs to get us started on the holiday. Faye & Lydia were delighted with the gifts Brien brought to our house. Lydia has spent her New look voucher on a summer dress & Faye has had hours of fun with her makeup& tamagotchi.
I was overwhelmed when Brien gave me £500 in cash to spend on holiday we had meals out & the girls had a go at some activities, it was just lovely to spend time together as a happy family. This holiday has set us all up for the next chapter in Faye's treatment, Paul & I had lots of long talks at night on the veranda with a glass of wine talking about the passed 2 years & what we have to face when treatment stops. As you can imagine lots of tears & laughs about the funny things she got up to in hospital, telling doctors to get lost your all horrible and a few things i cant repeat they would make your hair curl. I have attached a few photos.
We will be attending the Pied Piper walk 26th June. Its wonderful what you do & Nicola was a very special girl she must be looking down on you both & be very proud about what you are doing in Nicolas name. 
 Thank you so much for you kindness
Best wishes    Dawn, Paul, Lydia & Faye.


We have just got back from an amazing 5 days at centerparcs. The kids have written you a postcard with some of the things that we did and it was truly amazing.
To spend 5 days as a family and have so much fun after the horrendous year was just fantastic and quite over whelming. We are trying to work out how to send a little video we did to you but in the meantime here are some pics!
Thanks so much guys. It was very poignant spending New Year there and seeing it in on such a high note.
Knowing how much this break meant to us we would love to help support you guys with some fund raising. Can you let us know ho we can get involved?
We can't thank you enough.
Amy, Sam , Pippa & Andy

       smileyJust to say thanks for a great hoilday we had in centre Parcs.  We had a  fab time there, also for the money we had to spend
Thanks alot again
from Gwyndaf Rob, Katie and Ioan Dale

         yes 20.05.08
I'm Sorry it's took till now for me to write a note of thanks to you nad the other members of your fund for the wonderful holiday that you gave us in early april at Centre Parcs.
We've just had our photo's printed it was nice for us to spend some time together in such a relaxing atmosphere after the problems we've had in recent years, we particularly enjoyed the swimming pool, Marie and I went to the spa, Marie also had a spray tan whilst Leri and her dad spent most of their time ridinf their bikes.  Mari came home totally relaxed and is now busy revising for her GCSE's.
Once again thank you very much.
Kind regards Bethan Roberts

           heart Thank you so much, the holiday was just what we all needed.  The children loved going about n their bikes we hired.  It was so nice not to have to worry about money all week, we were able to treat the girls all Week!  Marnie was very unwell the first night so we were allowed to keep our car nearby for a quick get away.  Luckily we managed to stay and Marnie picked up each day.  Marnie loved waking up to a garden full of animals which she fed everyday.  It's the best holiday we have had  since Marnie was diagnosed.
Thanks fot eh girls presents they loved them
Love Charl Shaun, Olivia, Pheobe, Marnie and Jodie

    cool    Thank you!!!  The Price Family

   heart  To everyone at Nicolas Fund,
I would like to say a huse thank you for the break you gave me and my family in August.
The break was fantastic and it allowed me, my 2 sisters, brother, brotherin law and neice to have a fun relaxed and unforgettable week.
The break away allowed me to forget about everything that had happened and enabled me to have so much fun!  I did clay pidgeon shooting, golf, cycling swimming and enjoyed a relax in the spa .... for all of this I have Nicola's Fund to thank.
I also got invited to Goodison Park to wath the mighty Everton, although getting beat 6 - 1 wasn't very mighty! A fantastic day though!
Thank yu for rvrtything Paul, Gavin and family

    yes  May 2010

  We wanted to thank you for the Fabulous time we had at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel.  We were very Lazy and spent most of the time in the pool or lying by the pool.
Emily and I particularly enjoyed our treatments, they were excellen.  It was lovely for us to be together.  If Charlotte had been well enough to go last year, it would have been a perfect place for us to enjoy with her
Very king regards Lesley, Gary and Emily xx

    cheeky We just wanted to say a big thank you for the oppertunity to stay in your fantastic caravan at Greenacres.  We had a great time.  It was our first time away since Sams diagnosis last year and it has given us confidence to go away again. 
It is fantastic that Nicola is able to continue touching peoples lives in such a positive way all the time.
Thank you
Becky, Phil and Samuel Hamilton

    wink  To All at Nicolas Fund
Our recent visit to Centre Parcs -  We had the most wonderful time, Dean and Myself enjoyed oaintballing (Imust remember not to put myself forward to defend Queen and country - I'd be useless)  Dean and Lauren particularly enjoyed the hogh ropes na dclimbing wall.  We also spent many hours in the lovely pool.
Before Deans illness he was a keen badminton player so he was pleased when he realised there was a badminton courts there, it's the first time hehas played since before christmas and he met2 smashing boys on the courtsthey had many games together.
It was also a treat to all enjoy meals  out together.  Also Dean would like to thank you for his World Cup football shirt and Lauren her beautiful bracelet.
Centre Parcs is a place we would never be able to afford to go to but thanks to "Nicola's Fund" we have had the chance.  You all do a wonderful job and your kindness will be long remembered.
Thank you for all you have done for us regards  Alison

                               kiss  To everyone at Nicola's Fund.  
Thank you so much for our trip to Centre Parcs.  We had an amazing time together as a family, made all the more special as we just heard that Sam is in remission.  We especially enjoyed the swimming as we haven't been able to swim since Sam had his central line fitted.  We would never had been able to do this trip without the support and generosity, the memories will stay with us forever.  The children loved there gifts, you hit the nail on the head for each if then.  Freya has named her new dolly Nicola.
Thank you ffrom the bottom of our hearts love from Graham, Joanne, Sam, Max and Freya

                           smileyTo everyone at Nicolas Fund,

Just a quick note to thank you for the fantastic holiday we had in Centre Parcs over the easter holiday 2012.  The children absolutly enjoyed it and  were exausted by each night.  We woulld like to do something in return so that other families in our situation can enjoy a holiday as we did.
Thanks again love from Donna, Mark, Leah & Efa (Muscroft family)

To Nicola's Fund

Thanks for a great trip to Centre Parcs.  We had an amazing time.  First we did archery and I hit the bulls-eye, then we went to the swimming pool.  The swimming pool is so cool that we had at least 2 swims a day!  The next awsome day we went kayakingand i fell i loads; what a laugh it was when Dad fell in.  This experience was the best ever especially the bike riding because I haven't done that for ages.  Everyday i wore my lucky Chester shirt that helped them win the legue.  Thanks once again you're the best and because of your generosity we are going to do a sponsored walk up snowden for you as soon as Sam's fitness levels improve then other famillies can have a great time like we did
lots of love Max

            yesTo Debbie and STeve,
Myself and Denise would like to thank you for all you have done for Eric over the years.  The trip to Centre Parcs will remain with us forever.  The Rooney shirt has pride of place in Erics room!!  The work you do is a credit to you both
Love Denise and Eric xxxx

  SEPT   2012        smileyDear All at Nicola’s Fund,
We would like to say a massive thank-you to you for giving us the opportunity to visit Centre Parcs last week. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and recognised how special this once in a lifetime trip was and appreciate it loads.
During the week we got up to loads of different activities. Our favourite was doing Quad Biking as it was a challenge but once mastered was so fun! We spent a lot of time in the swimming pool and also rode about the park on cycles. In the pool we did Aqua Jetting which was a new experience and it was amazing. We packed so many wonderful things into last week and loved every minute of it.
We cannot say how thankful we are,
With Love,
The Trenholms X

SEPT 2012
Just a quick note to say thank you so much for our lovely holiday to Centre Parcs and also for the money and ToysRUs vouchers. We all had a wonderful time and there was so much to do - James and Emily loved spending time in the swimming pool, having a teddy bear's picnic with Rupert the Bear, making their own teddies and feeding their 'pet' squirrel just to mention a few!! Unfortunately since returning home from our holiday Emily's condition has deteriorated significantly and it means so much to us that we had a chance to spend that time together as a family and create lots of happy memories that we will always treasure.

Thanks for everything.

Gill, Craig, James and Emily 

JULY 2012
Dear Steve and Debbie

I have sat and stared at my laptop for the last 10 minutes not knowing what to write because I am literally speechless!!! I am overcome with emotion (I am quite dramatic). First of all to be granted a holiday arranged and paid for by you guys was amazing and then the vouchers for Evie and Dominic who were both over the moon, but then on top of all that to recieve a cheque for £475 brought me to tears!! I have learnt in the last year that material things no longer matter and days when there are no hospital appointments and no medical intevention are to be savoured and appreciated, and to have a complete break from it all with my family is just heaven. Evie is sooooooo excited shes picked nearly every activity there is going haha.The timing of this break is perfect because Evie is due her dreaded MRI 14th August followed by eye surgery a couple of days later. I dont know what else to say other than thank you thank you thank you. We will keep you guys posted and send in plenty of pictures.

I hope you dont mind me saying that Nicola would be so proud of you both making these wishes come true for children like Evie and their families, you are both truly amazing.

Joanne Adam Ashleigh Dominic Evie Skerrett x

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