Nicola's Fund

Improving the quality of life for children with cancer

Courage Laughter and Dreams

Nicola was beautiful, clever,talented, funny, warm, mischievous and very kind. Small in stature, with a huge and dirty laugh -she sparkled for us all. Her gifts in drama and dance recognised at her first school, Merton House were developing in an exiting way at Hammond School, Chester, before her illness brought her future plans to an abrupt end.

For three years she fought a courageous battle with a malignant brain tumour, before she lost that fight and died 5 days before her 15th birthday on April 20th 2005. During her lengthy, protracted treatment, Nicola faced the trials of chemotherapy and radiotherapy with great bravery. Although she was often in pain she managed to sustain her family and friends with her high spirits and her laughter.

The charity was Nicola's idea and helps families  with a  weeks holiday in centre parcs ,all expenses paid, or Black Rock Sand caravan, so the whole family can enjoy a weeks respite during very difficult times, capturing some great memories.

The Aims of Nicola's Fund    

"To improve the quality of life for Children with Cancer"

" To provide support and help for the families of Children suffering from Cancer"


Many people are choosing different ways to help raise money for Nicola's Fund, every penny raised can help a family no matter how small or large.  please click on the link if you would like to donate to their Just Giving page.



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